Hair Extension Packages

All courses include

  • Hair Types & Test

  • Hair Growth Cycle

  • Consultations

  • Colour Matching

  • Introduction to Tools

  • Inductions to Products

  • Methods

  • Simple Blending

  • After Care

  • Maintenance

  • Removal

  • Skin Test (if required)

  • Re-Bonding/Application

  • Supplier Recommendations

  • Support Group

  • 10% Off Products Purchased in Store

  • Registered & Accredited Certificate

  • Starter Kit (extra charge may apply)

  • Hair Extension Methods at A.K Bella Academy

Hair Extension Methods at A.K Bella Academy

All recommendations are based on A.K Bella's experience, feedback, and knowledge.

Hair Extension Packages:

New Invisible Ka-Tip Free Kit £999

Best-selling new method. No damage, can extend fringes, the least visible method.

Basic one

3 methods £399

Pick 3 methods of your choice (excluding new Ka-Tip method)

Level 2 £699

5 methods of your choice (excluding new ka-tip method)

Advanced £1O99

10 methods of your choice (excluding new method)

Hair Extensions expert package £2999

All Methods
New Invisible Ka-Tip
Hair Test
3 Ways of Blending
After Care Sample
Customer Contract Sample
Hybrid Methods
Insurance Information
15% Off in Store Orders

Hair Botox Course
Do you want to learn a method new to UK Salons?

Whether you may be a beauty salon, home salon, a mobile beautician, or maybe you are looking to start new career – we have the perfect packages to suit your training requirements.

Beautiful hair will never go out of fashion, and restorative treatments will always be in high demand in beauty salons.

You can learn how to recover your client’s hair if it’s severely damaged from the use of various cosmetics, dyeing procedures and frequent overheating. The Botox treatment is for hair that has lost healthy shine and attractiveness, it restores hair shine and silkiness in just one procedure.

The effect of the procedure will last up to 3 months provided that it has been performed correctly and with due care.
Botox formulas penetrate deep into the hair structure, nourish and restore it from root to end.

Hair Botox is a professional treatment with our amazing products for hair restoration and management. The procedure has an effect on the hair structure, restores its elasticity, gives the hair density, smoothness, shine and beauty.

Beauty salon professionals most often suggest Botox using the "classic" hot method, by warming hair with an iron.
However, recently, we have also introduced a faster "cold" method without heating. At A.K Bella we have many methods and types of Botox to suit your needs.

Botox Hair Treatment 2.0
Botox Yellow
Botox Silver
Cold Botox

A new generation formula for smoothing, moisturizing and strengthening hair. To be washed off on the day of treatment. It restores the natural elasticity, softness, smoothness, gives an intense shine facilitating hair combing and styling.

Contact us if you have any questions.


Botox treatment course £999

Package includes

All 4 Treatments
Hair Types & test.
Customer Care
Induction to Tools
Induction to Products
After Care
Skin Test
Registered & Accredited Certificate
Starter Kit (to use on the model)

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