About Us

We are an accredited and fully certified hair extensions and beauty academy based in Cheshire.

We are hair extension experts. At A.K Bella Academy you can learn 10 different methods of hair extension fitting. We have courses for hair treatments to extend the life span of hair extensions by up to 2 years. We use the best international products and offer unique techniques for nail extensions. Our products are very special to us and we pride ourselves in taking the beauty industry to the next level.

I am Caroline. As a lifelong enthusiast of all things in the beauty industry. I decided to pursue my passion by founding "Beauty to Perfection" in 2010. Recently, we rebranded as "A.K. Bella" and became an academy to share our unique methods and elevate the beauty industry. I obtained my qualifications across several world class international schools and have gained 20 years of experience in the process. To my academy I bring products and knowledge from the best teachers around the world. We take care of our clients and our people.

AK Bella Academy is the North West’s leading specialist in hair extensions.

Our expert staff are highly trained and experienced in using hair from 7 countries. We offer 10 fitting methods, focusing on blended invisibility and ensuring there is zero damage to clients’ existing hair. We use leading industry products and equipment that is internationally recognised and can ensure an increase in the life span of your extensions.

At A.K Bella, we’ve selected natural and organic components that surpass industry requirements in accordance with ISO-9001 international standards. Our friendly team is fully certified in the products and techniques that we provide.